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Sky Media LLC. is a company that I started for me to do web design, video production, and other creative work through. The work that a person typically does outside of their job is called freelance work and freelance work helps to build a persons portfolio or personal brand. I decided to do my "freelance" work under the name of Sky Media LLC. so that I could be building the Sky Media portfolio and brand so in the future I may be able to higher people to work for Sky Media. Then Sky Media could be another source of income or a full-time job.  

What is This
The Transportation Network
TTN logo.jpeg

Over 1 year of working with The Transportation Network, Sky Media has provided web design services, video production, and digital marketing services. In working with The Transportation Network, Sky Media designed all pages of their website as well as all of their social media channels. TTN is an up and coming Transportation company based in the Troy, MI area that provides group transportation services nationwide. Our goal was to give their website and social media channels a professional look so that TTN could compete on a larger scale and leverage the power of the internet. Since working with them the TTN has been able to find new clients and increase awareness of their brand. Below are a few snapshots of The Transportation Networks the website and social channels.

SM Work
Michigan Car & Van Rental

Sky Media worked with Michigan Car & Van Rental on a one and done project contract. We provided photography, video production, and photo editing services for Michigan Car & Van Rental to use on their website to display their catalog of vehicles to existing customers and potential customers. 

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