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Project Call

30 min | Free

Lets take 30 minutes to plan! Get ready by bringing something to write with and an understanding of what you want to accomplish!

Commercial Production

2 hr | Schedule A Call

This service includes a 30-60 second promotional commercial to highlight a new campaign, event, or your brand. The Ideal video service for nonprofits launching a new marketing campaign.

Brand Message Video

4 hr | Schedule A Call

This service includes a 2-5 minute video that will capture the mission, vision, and purpose of your organization. This video is perfect for the homepage of your website or YouTube channel.

Creative Suite

3-7 hr | Schedule A Call

This package includes your choice of photography, videography, graphic design, and or web design. This package is perfect for any organization  that has a range of creative needs and would like to have all of their creative needs meet with one company.

Content Marketing

Monthly | Schedule A Call

In this package we reasearch, strategize, create, and distribute professional quality content that gets measurable results and achieves your marketing goals. 

Video Strategy

Monthly | Schedule A Call

In this package we develop video strategies that attract and relentlessly find the people that are most likely to take an action on your mission and vision. Within this package we par professional video with professional advertising to insure results.


If so, then this FREE Discovery Meeting will give you the opportunity to quickly establish your brand identity + jump pstart your business!

A Limited Offer for Entrepreneurs Created by Sky Media

Web Design

14 days | Schedule A Call

With over 17+ years of experience in web design, our team is ready to give your business or organization the digital storefront that it needs to present itself to the world in a professional way.

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